Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Clinic in Mactzul II

Today, I had the opportunity to do clinic in Mactzul II for Sarah.

Sarah is in Santa Cruz today with Maury, Cecy and Enrique doing IVAA/ Pap exams for the ladies there.  They have 30 ladies scheduled and will provide care today for half and then the remainder on next Tuesday.

This morning, I went to Zepela to meet Micaela.  Her sister, Martina, usually works with Aura but today Micaela will fill those shoes.  It is a great opportunity for her, as she wants to continue her education and study to be a dentist.

When we arrived in Mactzul II, we thought that someone had STOLEN the church building!!  When we made the turn and found the barren lot, I just stopped the truck!

Well, first thoughts are not always correct..........and we found out that they tore the building down and plan on rebuilding in June. It will be a 3-4 year project........slow but sure.

This photo was taken in 2013 when we had another clinic here.

We had a good clinic and stayed busy.  There were 11 medical patients and 12 dental patients.

For lunch, we took a short break and enjoyed chow mein, tortillas, chili and lemonade. Kemmel would have LOVED the chili........sorry, I ate your portion!

We had a variety of patients.  One young girl had a ganglion cyst on her wrist.  Several with general aches and arthritis. One girl came home from school with a 103.2 fever.  One mother brought in an ultrasound from her daughter and will follow-up with Lisa on Thursday.

This is Aura and Micaela with their last patient of the day.

Tomorrow, a few of us will head out to Chuguexa and I expect we will have a lot of diabetic patients.

Stay tuned!


Karen Sims said...
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Kemmel and Lisa Dunham said...

Hilarious! It does look like someone stole it. :)

Gwen Schnell said...

wow what a shocker that would have been.No church's building! :) I do love the country side, but I am sure you feel very blessed to have grown up is such a place as the U.S. where good health is such a way of life for us. Ha - can I come and get some dental care? I have to make an appointment some time here. Glad you are able to help others so much! thanks for posting!

Sheri said...

Kemmel and Lisa......it sure was a shock! It looked like they stole the building and everything else but left the wooden pews :)

Gwen, it is very beautiful here and so much work to do. Yes, you can come on down and I will get you set up with some excellent dental care! Thank you for reading the blog!