Wednesday, April 1, 2015

San Jorge Clinic with Nick and Andrea

This morning I picked up Nick and Andrea and we headed to Santa Cruz to meet everyone.  Nick is a 3rd year medical student and Andrea works in ICU.  They have been with us a week doing clinics and unfortunately will be returning to The States tomorrow. They are already planning their future return!

We picked up Martina and her sister Micaela in Sepela.  We met Enrique, Tomas and Aura in Santa Cruz.  We had an uneventful drive and we are always thankful for that.

Pedro and some patients were waiting for us when we arrived. We quickly set up and started seeing patients.

We had a few diabetic patients and a few with cold symptoms.

Anyone who has ever been to San Jorge knows how hot it is there.......not just warm, but hot.  We took turns walking to the store across the street buying Cokes, water and Gatorade.

This little girl did not want to breath deep so Nick could listen to her lungs.  She watched her mom and then finally got the hang of it.

We also had a young woman with a 6/6 heart murmur. She is about 20 years old and studying in school. She was told a few years ago that she needed to go to the capital for a consult but did not go. I talked to her for awhile on options that she has, so we will see next month what she ways.

Before we left clinic, one of the tires started looking pretty l-o-w.  I told there was not a place to have it looked at before about 20 minutes on the road. We made it safely there, inflated the tire and did not see anything wrong with it.  They suggested that a child had played with the stem and removed some of the air. I was just glad to be back on the road.

While there were not many medical patients, there were quite a few dental patients.  Michaela callapsed when we were on the road.  I think she passed right out! She is lucky to have the shoulder of Martina to relax on!

It was a good day.........several home to get a few things done.

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