Wednesday, August 1, 2012

When is a "dead" chicken, really dead??

Today, we had a good clinic in Mactzul VI.  Gaspar, Josue and I traveled to Mactul for the clinic. 

I was gifted apples from one of the patients in Mactzul.  It is encouraging to have people bring what they grow at home.  It means a lot because I know how much work they put into their planting and maintaining.

After clinic, I went to Lisa and Kemmel's to park the truck.  When I parked it, a dog came running around the corner with something bobbing in it's mouth.  There were three dogs chasing the lead dog and it was apparent that they wanted what he had. 

Well, the dog dropped it in front of the driveway as they all watched from a distance.

I went to see what it was a huge chicken.  It was making a few gasps, it was covered in ...................well, I will spare you the details. Why could the dogs not have dropped it in another place?  Why, right where I have to walk?

I went to finish locking up the truck and then I saw some movement and I went to see what it was.  The chicken had recovered enough to stand and teeter away. It gave me one of those nasty shivers~~~

As soon as I closed the door to the truck, I knew I had not unlocked the back door.  "BUSTED!!" as Kemmel would say.  The keys were where they needed to be but I had not unlocked the back door to get them.

Later, I found that Kemmel had an extra set and I am thankful for that. 

Lisa and Kemmel will return to Chichi tonight with Goyo, Sarah, Gigi, Isabel and Valfre.  They will be doing a men's Bible Seminar and also one on how to teach children's Bible classes.  Paxot II and the surrounding congregations will be in for a big treat!

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