Thursday, August 2, 2012

Clinic and Men's Class in Paxot II

Kemmel and Lisa arrived last night with Goyo, Sarah, Gigi, Isabel and Valfre.  They live in Winstson Salem, NC and are part of my sponsoring congregation. It is always exciting to have people down and take part in the work but it is especially exciting since they are from The Brewer Road Church of Christ and The South Fork Church of Christ.

The guys went to Paxot II today for the class, while the ladies help clinic in Lemoa.  Lisa demonstrates on Sarah, how to take a blood pressure.  Isabel did a great job learning and she helped keep the patient flow going...................

I worked in the pharmacy, giving the medications and answering questions that the patient had.  Sarah prayed with patients before they left the clinic.

Gigi and Sarah also counted medicines that were needed.

Today and part of tomorrow, Goyo and Valfre will be doing the men's class in II Timothy. Tomorrow afternoon, the presentation will be on how to teach children in Bible classes.

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