Friday, August 3, 2012

Seminar in Paxot II

This morning we all went to Paxot II for the day of classes.  While the men were studying II Timothy, the ladies were in the kitchen preparing the meals.

Lisa and Manuel's mother cutting the beef for the soup.

Others of us peeled and cut potatoes, carrots and squash.  As always, the food is very good.

Goyo teaching II Timothy.

Isabel and Sarah during the afternoon break.  They taught a day and a half on how to teach a children's Bible class.

Everyone was really receptive and participated. 

Goyo, Sarah, Isabel and Valfre.  As I mentioned yesterday, they are from Winston Salem and attend the Brewer Road Church of Christ.

It was a good day.  Manuel told me that 58 attended the morning session and I think there were even more than that during the afternoon session.  Tomorrow, we will put into practice what we learned today.

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