Thursday, March 22, 2012

Trip to Antigua

The students from Lipscomb made their way back to Antigua today to prepare for their flight home tomorrow. I think they have had a good week although some of them are not feeling as well as when they first arrived :( It is just one of those things that happens with traveling and at times can not be avoided.

We dropped our luggage off at the hotel since the rooms were not ready yet. Mom, Trish, Ellie and I went to the famous Mono Loco Restaurant to taste their nachos. The four of us shared a plate of nachos and they were very good. I wanted them to get another taste of guacamole

We went to the market and visited the firemen. Trish and her husband had brought down some gear for the firemen and Trish wanted to drop in again to say hello. They were glad to see her and told her that they had already posted their photos on Facebook. Yes, the whole world is on Facebook!

This is Trish and Ellie at dinner on Thursday evening.

Mom and I at dinner. The food was very good and the room was full of activity.....very full of activity!

It was good having Trish and Ellie here. They helped organize the students this week with taking vital signs before their consult. It is always good to have my mom here. I will miss her tomorrow when she returns to North Carolina.

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Mom said...

Believe me!!!! Your mom misses you too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!