Saturday, March 17, 2012

David Lipscomb meets Chuchuca

We met everyone at the hotel for breakfast this morning and then divided into two different clinic groups and one group went to do some construction work in Lemoa.

We left the hotel about 0820 for Chuchuca, which is about 2.5 hours drive from Chichi. The road was dusty, with about 6 inches of dust. The area has not had rain for quite a long time so everything is very dry.

When we arrived, everyone pitched in and unloaded the trucks. We set everything up for clinic and were getting ready to start when the congregation announced they had a snack for us. The had cut large slices of pineapple and strawberry cake for us and also had a papaya fruit drink. It was very good and we really appreciated it.

Getting ready to see the dental ABC children.

Gathering outside before the clinic started.

Collecting vital signs.

Getting height and weight.

The students gathered the ABC Children around in a circle and started playing Duck-Duck-Goose. The children had a great time, as well as the students. The parents even enjoyed watching.

Lisa checking out one of the students.

Now, that is one happy face!!

The children never get tired of playing!

We saw all of the ABC Children, which is about 23.

We returned in the evening for dinner at the hotel. We are very thankful that we found the children doing well. None that I saw were underweight and everyone's teeth looked great.

Tomorrow is a day for the students to enjoy the market and we will worship with the Chichi congregation in the evening.

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