Monday, March 19, 2012

David Lipscomb meets Xejox

After breakfast this morning at the hotel, 4 trucks headed to Xejox. From Chichi, it is about 2.5 hr drive.......but it also depends on what is in the road :)

We arrived without any problems......and we are always thankful for that. The roads were dry, which causes a lot of dust and flares up the allergies.

We saw 21 ABC Children in the community.

Now, this is how you brush your teeth!

After the consult, the childen went to the pharmacy to get their medications.

Now, that is a happy ABC Child! She is able to study in school, participate in church activities and also receive dental and medical assistance.

The group entertains the students who have already been through their medical and dental consults.
After most of the patients were seen, we walked to a near-by house for lunch. We had wonderful grilled steak, rice and tortillas. When we finished, we walked back up to finish seeing a few patients.

Our drive back to Chichi was uneventful and we will be on the road again tomorrow morning!

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