Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mom visits La Palma and Noe

Today, mom and I went with Tomas and Enrique to La Palma for clinic.

My parents have sponsored Noe in the ABC Program for several years now so they visit when they have the opportunity. Mom and dad were here in July of 2010 and Noe has really grown since then.

Here mom is with Noe's mom.

Mom with Noe and his family. Agostin has helped us with the clinic here in La Palma since the clinic was started.

One more photo with mom and Noe.

The ABC Program is a wonderful program. Sponsors had the opportunity to meet the child they sponsor and their family. Next week we will be doing ABC Clinics in many of the communities.

We saw 10 patients today. It was a good clinic..............we returned to Chichi without any problem. It was a good day!

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