Friday, March 30, 2012

Clinic in Choacaman and Gaspar

Today, Gaspar, Josue, Manuel and I went to Choacaman IV for clinic. It has been a while since I had been in Choacaman so it was good to return.

One of our first patients, Gaspar, was staggering across the field as we arrived. I have not seen him in several months and now he is having to walk with a cane. The odd thing was I was just thinking of him two days ago.

Gaspar was the second patient to be seen and I knew it was going to be a difficult consult. He is a diabetic and has been coming to clinic for about four years. His diabetes was controlled when he was coming to clinic every month but then he started missing clinics and he went out of control. He has lost about 40 pounds and looks very bad.

Gaspar and I sat with Gaspar for quite awhile. With both of them having the same name, it can get a little confusing. He is down to 82 pounds, walks with a cane, is very weak, his blood pressure is low and his heart is beating too fast. I told him that I am afraid he is going to die and that I wanted him to go to the hospital with us. Of course, he started telling us all of the reasons he could not go.

We listened, while giving him time to process how really sick he is. He admits that he is very sick but he is concerned because Semana Santa is next week and his wife is also sick. I do understand this but yet, Gaspar is in real danger.

Gaspar began to talk to him about God again. He reminded us that he believes in God and prays. We acknowledged that this is good but there is more to being a Christian than this. We talked to him about Cornelius. Cornelius was a good man, he believed in God, he prayed and he gave money to the poor.........and yet he was not a Christian until Peter went to visit him.

Cornelius heard the teachings and was baptized. At his baptism, he had access to the blood of Christ and forgiveness of his sins. Until that time, he was not a Christian. If being a good person is all that matters and baptism is not important, then Peter would not have gone to him to teach him.

I only hope that Gaspar will not change his mind before Monday. I will be at clinic early and wait for him. I will keep you posted.

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