Thursday, March 29, 2012

Clinic in Lemoa

Yesterday, Kemmel and Lisa traveled to The States. Kemmel will be having surgery on his arm on Friday. They will be spending time with family and resting for a couple of weeks. We pray that everything goes well for them and they enjoy time with their families.

We had clinic today in Lemoa with 19 medical patients. There were a few really sick patients, diabetics with sugars out of control and some with very sad situations.

I spoke to a patient for a long time today but did not know about his history. He has been in clinic a few times and is feeling better after the medicine. We have always talked about his relationship with God and how important our faith is.

After clinic today, Gaspar told me that he also has talked with this gentleman and for different reasons he had quit attending worship. Now, he is thinking about renewing his relationship with God and returning to church. Gaspar and one of the brothers of the community has been invited to visit this patient and his family in their home..........I was so excited to hear this news!

I did find a better photo of Julia and Carlos from the wedding. Now, they look a little happier.

This is Sandra, her sister. She is studying in Quiche to be a teacher.

Tomorrow, the guys and I will go to Choacaman for clinic. It will be another adventure!!

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