Monday, March 5, 2012

Harding PA Students meet Mactzul V

We all met at Santo Tomas for breakfast this morning and then divided into 3 groups.

I went with a group to Mactzul V for an ABC Clinic. We saw 66 students and Tomas had 16 dental cleanings!! The PA Students are learning about the ABC Program and what it means for each family and for the congregation. Children are given the opportunity to study in school, receive help from sponsors and yet there are responsibilities they must maintain.

Julie translated for this group and they had a great day!

Manuel translated for another group.

So, let's see how this heart sounds........

Clinics can be entertaining and fun............

Before each of the students are seen, their vital signs are taken. Then after the consult, they go to the pharmacy area to receive their medicine.

Students receiving their medicine.

Danny with one of the students.

We took a break about 1:30 pm for lunch. We enjoyed fried chicken, rice, radish salad and tortillas.

After we had seen all of the patients, we packed the truck and made our way back to Santo Tomas. When everyone returned to the hotel, we enjoyed dinner..........yes, more chicken!!

After dinner, we had a devotional and talked about the plan for tomorrow.

We are always thankful for a safe day. We pray that something was said or done in each clinic that demonstrated the love and the compassion of Christ. We want everyone to know that they have the hope of salvation, if they follow His teaching.

Tomorrow is another day............................another adventure!!! I will keep you posted!!

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