Thursday, March 15, 2012

Clinic in Panajxit

This morning I went to Quiche to meet Tomas. We rode out to Panajxit for clinic with Enrique.

When we were driving to Panajxit, we picked up a lady in the road that has been having trouble walking. Her story changed a few times but she was in the hospital in Guatemala City last year and needed some type of surgery. She does not know what type of surgery, what medicine she took, does not have any papers and never returned to the hospital. It is very sad to me that people no not have more information and education but maybe in time, we can help make a small change.

I offered to take her to Santa Cruz with me. She is only 54 years old and he family has to carry her. At first she told me that she would go but when she went outside and talked more with her husband, she changed her mind.

One patient had open sores all over her arms and hands. She bathes with powder laundry soap. What makes the situation even worse is the water is so cold and their skin is so dry. I gave her some cream, talked about changing so another soap and gave her a Chapstick that my mom gave me to give to a patient.

Maria, a 19 year old came again today to clinic. She has chronic depression. She lives with both of her grandmothers, since her parents left her. We talked for quite awhile and then I invited her to meet me in Quiche next Sunday for worship. I think she would enjoy the church there so I hope that I will see her.

After we saw eleven patients, we drove to Enrique's house for lunch. We had chicken, pasta, tortillas, mango and pineapple drink.

It was a good clinic day.

When I got back to the house, mom and I went to market for a little. We had a good time walking around and we bought dad a small present........when dad gets his gift, we will post a photo. I do not want to blow his surprise!

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