Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Class in Xepocol

This morning we formed a caravan to Xepocol for a day with all of the volunteers and health promoters of the clinics. I had been looking forward to this day and I was not disappointed.

Our group has grown over the last few months and it has been an encouragement. Enrique and Josue are our new promoters and they have been doing fantastic. Sandra is our new dentist and Maria is working with her. They are working well together and patients are happy with their care. Josefa, Martina's cousin, has also been helping us in the dental area and we are pleased to have her.

The ladies decided it was time for Sandra to dress in Chichicastenango attire. So, here we have Mauri, Sandra, Martina and Josefa.

The class for the day was primarily on the goal of Health Talents. The focus of Health Talents ins to be the ministry of the local church. The clinic is only an expansion the the church in each community. In the areas where the members of the church participate in clinics, pray with patients, visit in homes and do follow-up.........these congregations grow.

Gaspar read from Matthew 13, about the sower and the seed. Parables are stories that Christ used to teach those who heard them and they are still applicable today. If teaching falls on fertile soil, it will take root and grow. There are obstacles that prevent grow of the seed and brought on by many causes.

There was some discussion about the root and its significance for growth. If the root does not have a firm base, the offspring will not flourish. It may grow for a little, then wither, dry up and die. We need to help prepare the soil for teaching. We need to help that root get a good start. It is our responsibility to be there for new Christians. If we do not take the time to prepare the soil, protect that new root and nurture it..........it will die.

There were about 40-50 people in the class today and everyone seemed to enjoy it. The participation was good and many communities were represented.

As I mentioned, I was looking forward to the day and I think it went well. It was an encouragement to us. We are so blessed to have Kemmel and Lisa working with us in this area and we look forward to the events of the year.

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