Saturday, March 31, 2012

Clinic in Chuchipaca

The guys and I went to Chuchipaca today for clinic. Manuel picked me up and then we met Josue as we left Chichi.

We had a good clinic but it was a sad one. The first two patients were a very elderly couple and have been sick a long time. He is rather tall for a Guatemalan, so his 85 pounds was very disturbing. He was seen in clinic 15 days ago and has lost 23 pounds since then.

It was one of those situations that you know there is nothing you can do. They live alone, have no children and have no one to help them. If he went to the hospital, she would be left alone and he did not want that. The hospital probably could not do anything for him and that is also sad. We prayed with them, gave them some medicine to help with pain and then they went home.

I went to Quiche this afternoon to check on Magda. She has been falling and thinks her blood pressure is high again. I was thankful that her blood pressure is controlled on the medicine that she is taking and I also took her a new cane. Her old one is looking rough from so much use.

I heard from Kemmel and Lisa and they are doing well. Kemmel's arm surgery sent well and he is home. We are very thankful for that!!

My dad is continuing to struggle with pain and is having a difficult time. Please remember him and my mom in your prayers.

It is time for the weekend..............

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