Saturday, January 8, 2011

Preparing for plastic surgery!

Today, I went to clinic with Lisa. She had some pap patients and some of the children brought their lab work is almost surgery time!!

This is Inelda and she is a exciting little girl. Her dad came with her today and he will go to Montellano with her. She is 9 years old and has a small hole in her palate that needs to be repaired. Lisa filled me in on her history. Until last year, she was not allowed to go to school. They thought she was developing slow...... but now she is allowed to go to school and her grades are wonderful! She is precious and will be sponsored by Carrie and Travis in NC. Thank you!

This is Reyli and his mom. He is 17 months old and this will be his first time to the clinic.

Reyli was bored with the process so he took a nap as I talked to his mom. He will be sponsored by Glenn and Neva, who will also be with him during his surgery. Thank you!

This is Bartolo and his dad. Bartolo is 14 months old. This will be his first trip down to the clinic and his dad will go with him. Glenn and Neva are also sponsoring his surgery and Bartolo's dad is very appreciative.

Bartolo is thinking, "All of the girls are going to love my eyes!"

This is Juan Martin and his mom. He had his lip repaired in August 2010. He is doing very well and is ready to return for his palate repair. Danny, thank you for helping Juan again.

Juan's lip looks great! He is just wondering, "Why do I have to do this again??"

This Amelia, who had her first surgery in February 2010. She is doing well but her blood count is a little low so we will wait until August to repair her palate. Her lip looks great and she is spunky. A special thanks to Frank and Evelyn for helping Amelia.

It was a wonderful day and we accomplished a lot. is time for the weekend!

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