Tuesday, January 18, 2011

ABC Clinic in Mactzul I

Today, we had a busting day in Mactzul I..........or either I am getting too old to do this anymore :)

Kemmel, Lisa and I picked up Martina, Maury, Juan and Gaspar.......yes, we all fit inside the truck! We drove to Mactzul I and the drive was exciting because for the first time, the road was open. They had been reconstructing the road and it has taken several months to complete. It is very nice and Kemmel teased that they will now put down tumulos since people will be driving too fast! We will see :)

There were 9 regular patients and 49 ABC Patients today. School started earlier this year so the children came in the afternoon.

This was one mom that wanted a photo of her and her baby.

This is Miguel, he is one of our Mactzul I favorites.

One sad problem with Mactzul I is that several of the children are not doing well in school. This may be due to the children not going to school every day or not doing their home work in the evenings. If a child does not pass a grade for two years in a row, they are automatically removed from the ABC Program. Lisa and I spent time today talking to the students and families that are in this situation. All of the parents told me that their child is going to school 5 days a week. Some admitted that their child is not paying attention in class or is not doing their home work in the evenings. If the students do not pass this year, it will sadly affect them and the family as a whole.

This is Rosa and she was the first student of the day. She is doing well in school and seems very content. I was excited to find out a few days ago that she is sponsored by some of my friends, Anita and Ben, in Virgina. Anita and I went to Michican Christian together many, many years ago!

We arrived back in Chichi at 1830 and it was a good day. Tomorrow, the guys and I go to Chuguexa for the first clinic there in 2011.

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