Friday, January 28, 2011

First ABC Clinic in Mactzul 3

We had the first ABC Clinic today in Mactzul 3. It is always exciting to begin a new program in a community and then to be able to look back at it later and see how it has grown. Today we had the first ABC Clinic in this area with 14 children and 13 came today with their family.

The guys getting the clinic started.

This was one of the first families that I saw. There is much room for improvement so I talked to the mother about basic hygiene. I hope that we can see come changes with this family in the near future.

This mother wanted her photo taken with he baby but her baby was not excited about the idea.

These two boy were all giggles for the camera.

It was a good clinic and as I said, it is fun to see new opportunities for different communities.

Tomorrow, Juan and I head to Chuchipaca. After clinic, I will go to Pana and have coffee with Karen. She is here working with different groups of ladies near Panajachel and Lake Atitlan. It will be a fun weekend and I hope to get some things done.

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