Monday, January 3, 2011

Chichi-----day of catch up

Today was a day to catch up on stuff before the real work starts :)

I went to Lemoa today to see everyone and say hi. Everyone is doing well and the clinic looked busy with 18 patients.

Tomas gave me the good news that we have dates for the last of the 4 communities that need the ABC Nutritional class. The response from the communities was good and the families seemed to enjoy it. Eventually, the promoters will be teaching the class.........step-by-step. We are ready to roll out the diabetes classes and I think we will begin to prepare the prenatal classes.

After Lemoa, I went to Santa Cruz and signed up for K'iche' classes! They can not teach classes the days I would like them but if I don't study, I will continue to be frustrated. I will have classes Sunday afternoons for 4 hours, for 5 months.

This is Nakko. I think he was glad to have me return. He has sat in front of my door since I have been back. I know..........probably just wanting some bread.

Kemmel and Lisa fly back to Guatemala today and will arrive in Chichi tomorrow. It will be good to have them back.

The guys and I have clinic tomorrow in will be a good clinic!

OK, time to go and give Nakko some bread.

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Mom said...

Keep giving Nakko that bread! He looks soooo much better than he did when we were there, he has put on some much needed weight!!!!