Saturday, January 29, 2011

Clinici in Chuchipaca

Today, Juan and I went to Chuchipaca. It was a small clinic with 10 patients.

This is Tomas and his daughter Maria Cescibel that helped us with the clinic. Maria translated for me and was a big help. She is 15 years old and studies in the afternoon in Quiche. She is studying to be a nurse and I think she has 5 more years to study.

After clinic, Juan drove me up to the main road and I jumped a bus to go to Pana for the night. I had coffee with Karen and Colleen. I made reservations for a future stay in Pana and then I was done for the day.

I think it will be a quite weekend. I will return to Chichi tomorrow afternoon and do some more preparation for the surgical week in Montellano. The group will arrive on Saturday and we pray that they have a safe flight.


Julie said...

Sheri, two weeks ago I heard about some ex-pat's living in Pana who do sounds like a SUPER FUN ADVENTURE!!! You should look into it, they do it tandem so you wouldn't have to "steer" your own parachute. Something to think about!

Kare said...

Sheri, thanks for a great chat! Looking forward to seeing you in April. Thanks so much! God's blessings on all your work! Karen