Thursday, January 13, 2011

Clinic in Lemoa

Today was a busy day in Lemoa. We had 32 medical patients and one for dental cleaning.

It seemed like an odd day for me since I did not have many diabetics nor did I have any children.

I had one diabetic patient, who has really turned his health around. A few months ago, he came in with several complaints and a blood sugar of over 500. I talked to him about diabetes and his diet. He returned in two weeks with a blood sugar of 300. He returned later with it in the 200's. For the last 2 months, his blood sugar has been in the 90's and he is feeling much better! This is one exciting story!

There was another patient today, who's story is not as exciting. She lost a baby last year and today, she miscarried again. She has been very excited for two months and today, as she was waiting to be seen, the excitement came to an end. It is things like this that are very sad and there is nothing you can say. I have said it before in other blogs, it is times as this that only Jesus can heal.

This lady does not have a Christian faith so maybe from our chat, she will reconsider her decisions. I invited her again to attend the worship in Chichi and I will look for her. Please pray for her peace and healing.

Tomorrow, I will go with Josefina to another ABC Clinic in Mactzul II.

As you have been reading about the ABC Clinics, maybe you have some questions on the program and how it helps the child and also the family. If you would like some information, please email me and I will have it sent to you. There are children waiting for sponsors and you have the opportunity to help.

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