Saturday, January 22, 2011

Catching up...........

Today and yesterday, we spent our time here in Mactzul V. This is the latest view of the new building or the house of prayer, as they call it here.

These two days were ABC Clinic days. I think we saw 67 ABC Children and 10 non-ABC Patients. I only saw one child that was significantly underweight and one child who had not passed school last year. Hopefully, the under-weight child will return with lab work and we can learn more from that. I think the other child will do well in school this year.

This is Tomas and his family. Yes, they asked for their photo........can you see the excitement in their eyes???? Just kidding........they do have the Guatemala look and I love them!!

This is Sabastian and his family. He is a volunteer promoter with us.

It was a good two days of clinic.

The Church in Mactzul V continues to grow and for that we give the glory to God. The members are very active in their community. They continue to visit patients in the hospital and visit people in their homes. I think that this is very important for the growth of the church. People have a need to be loved and know that people have concern for them.

It is the weekend...........time to rest a little and catch up on things............

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