Friday, January 7, 2011

Clinic in Chuchuca

This morning, Gaspar and I met Josefina and Tomas and we headed for Chuchuca. We did not have any problems in the road and we are always thankful for that. When we arrived, the doors were closed and no one was waiting for us. This is unusual so we sat in the sun and waited.

Within a few minutes someone came and opened the door for us. As we waited for a patient, we walked to a house and bought a Pepsi. We had our first patient in about an hour.

It was a slow day but we eventually saw 7 patients.

This dog was hopping around today. At first, we thought the dog had broke his leg or hurt his paw and the owner had tied his leg around his neck for support. Well, we were wrong!!! The dog was caught eating the corn that belonged to his owner so he tied his leg up for punishment!! What can ya say?????

These little girls sat with us for part of the morning.

Even though it was a small clinic, it was a good day.

The week has gone very quick. It is almost the weekend! Tomorrow, I will be in Lemoa with Lisa for pap-clinic day and the babies will bring in their labs.

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