Thursday, January 6, 2011

ABC Nutrition Class in La Palma

Today, Juan and I went to La Palma to do the Nutrition Class for the ABC Program. We had about 30 people in attendance and it was a good class.

The main thing for any class is to be flexible. Kemmel had warned me that they probably did not have electricity in the church building so I would not be able to use the projector......and he was right. We put the benches as close as we could to the computer and hoped for the best. The parents huddled around and they also had questions.

Since these are smaller communities and farther away so we had Las Cuevas and La Palma together.
This is the congregation from Las Cuevas. It is a small community and very poor.

This is the congregation from La Palma.

After class, we shared a lunch together and then Juan and I returned to Chichi.

Tomorrow, I will go with Josefina and the guys to Chuchuca.

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Mom said...

I think Noe is eating too much. LOL