Monday, April 25, 2016

Sara and Dad

Yesterday, we had the honor of having Sara's dad with us.  He shared some of his thoughts with us during our devotional.  He talked about the work that we do do, the seeds that it plants and how it is is for the kingdom.  We thank him very much for his time and thoughts.

Sara has had the privilege of having her parents here for about a month.  They will soon be traveling back  to El Salvador.  Yes, we stole her from El Salvador!  We pray for her parents ad their safe travels.

We had a small clinic today and my thought is, that it is due to the rains that we have had.  It gives people the opportunity to prepare their fields to plant.

Tomorrow, vamos a ir a Chutzurob!!!   Tommorrow, let's go to Chutzurob!!!

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