Saturday, April 23, 2016

Clinic in Chuchipaca

So much has happened since I last blogged.  We had a great week having Jodi here.  I will post some more of our events of last week in the near future.

I left Antigua this morning at 0530 to arrive in Chuchipaca in time for clinic.  Cecy and Maricela were there to help Manuel and I.  Teresa had a church activity, that Lisa and Kemmel also attended in Chijtinimit.

We had a good clinic of 17 or 18 patients today.

One of the patients that came was one that we saw last week.  I asked Cecy if we could call Ana Maria to see if she would return and she was glad to.  She was a very sick lady last week, who had just delivered her baby 9 days before.  She had developed a severe infection and it was amazing what the correct medication can do in a week.  I am so thankful that Ana Maria is better and her daughter, Melissa has gained two pounds this week!

Cecy, Manuel and Maricela took turns helping me as needed today.  I appreciate them very much!

Maricela had the "opportunity" to help me with a mother and her child that was probably the worse behaved child I have seen in nine years.  This child is four years old, still breastfeeds and does not eat any food.  He is very under weight and the mother is exhausted.  He hit his mother several times as she just turned and looked the other way.  I tolerated it as long as I could and then talked to the mother and grandmother about this behavior.

She told me that he hits the other children in the family and even the father...........and everyone allows it to continue.  I told her what will happen if she and her husband do not get this young boy under control now.  He is doing this for attention so she will continue to breastfeed.  Then he came in and screamed so loud that we could not continue to consult.  He then bit his mother's arm. I took him outside and closed the door behind me.  I told them that it will not hurt him to cry and to be angry but they need to start discipline and teach him respect.  It may be too late but we will see what happens.

The last patient of the day was a young man who has some spots on his face from the sun.  They are small, not cancerous and just from working outside.  He has been to several doctors who have told him several things.  One told him that he has problems with his liver and the last one gave him medicine that is yeast from beer.  It is sad some of the treatments that people receive.  This young man just needs to buy some sun screen and apply it before he leaves the house in the morning to go to work.

After clinic, I was able to wash some clothes at the clinic.  This evening, we are having some rain and it is welcomed.

Tomorrow, I will head to Quiche for worship and spend the rest of the day studying and cleaning the house.  It will be a good day to relax and enjoy :)

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Mom said...

Great blog, Sheri!!!!!! I am shocked at the behavior of that child!!!!! I hope they take your advice!!!!!