Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Clinic in Chutzurob

Today, we all went to Chutzurob.  Manuel, Teresa, Andrea, Maria and I arrived within a few minutes of each other.  We had 20 medical patients and I think there were about 10 dental patients.

It was about a week ago when Jodi Boyd was here.  We talked about several things as we made our way to clinics, visited ABC Children, traveled to Antigua and visited San Antonio (Guatemala, not Texas :)

We visited with a young man who has a large mass in his right eye.  He studies in school and does well.  He says that it bleeds a lot on some days but it is unbelievable how well he does.  We then went to visit with his mom.  She had some exams that were done in the capital.  The mass is not cancer but very vascular so they will not be able to do any surgery for him.  It is a very sad situation but it is also good that he is able to study in school.

I wanted to also share some work that is being done in India.  The Church there baptizes in streams and at times there is not enough water.  So they have been building a baptistry.

It has taken several moths to build due to finances but God provided.

Some teaching by the minister in that congregation.

Please pray for this congregation and their financial situation.  If anyone is willing to help, please let me know and I can have the money sent to the church.  Thank you.

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