Monday, April 18, 2016

Chichicastenango with Jodi

After worship this morning, Jodi and I enjoyed lunch at Santo Tomas.  I always enjoy their salad and mango!  It was so very good.

We had plans to meet two ABC Children about 2 pm.

First to arrive was Gabriela, Jodi's ABC Child.  They had meet a couple of years ago in Mactzul V, even though she lives in Mactzul II.  She has really grown in the two years and it was nice to see her again.

Gabriela came to meet us with her mom and aunt.  Jodi had met her mom before but this was the first time of meeting the aunt.  Gabrila's aunt told us that Gabriela loves to study.  She takes her classes Monday through Friday but also twice a week in the evenings, takes additional classes to learn.

Then we had the opportunity to meet Juan, who lives in Chijtinimit.  His sponsor, is Billie, who is a friend of Jodi.  Billie sent a photo and Juan enjoyed seeing it. Juan wants to study astronomy but says there are not many places in Guatemala to study that. 

Here, Juan is with his mom and dad.  He is a good kid with a positive future.  What a blessing the ABC program has been for him and his family.  Notice how he is taller than his mom and possibly be taller than his dad!

If anyone is interested in helping sponsor a child, please let me know.  You have no idea how your gift will help a child remain in school, continue their education, remain in church and also receive medical and dental care.


Mom said...

Great pic. and stories!!!! Jodi's girl looks so happy and healthy!!!! The boy being taller than his dad is from good food, health care and dental care!!! It's wonderful !!!! I see that Jodi is having a good time!!! Don't work her too hard!

Sheri said...

Mom, you are so correct :)