Monday, April 25, 2016

Rain, Means Not Many Patients

OK, so we have been praying for rain and FINALLY we have had a couple rains.  I think this is why not many patients were in clinic today.  It is time to prepare the field and plant the seed.    It has been three weeks since I have been able to wash clothes at my house. so I am welcoming the rain.

This is one child that was brought to see me today. Hector, who usually brings us babies with cleft lips and palates is hoping that we can do something for this child.  Both hands are the same and both feet are the same.  I have sent photos on to Dr. Dwayne to see what his thoughts are for August.

We will have a busy week ahead of us and then the next week, Oklahoma Christian University will be with us for a week.  We pray that they will have safe travels and good clinics with us.

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Mom said...

Sheri, please post pic. of his post surgery. It will be great to see the results!!!!!