Thursday, April 14, 2016

So Much to Tell

Things have been quite busy the last couple of weeks.  Clay Bartee was here and did some class concerning marriage counseling.  There was also a Men's Bible Seminar and the Dunhams had some friends visiting from The States.

Some of the best news was that in La Palma there were 9 baptisms and in Las Trampas, there were 4 baptisms. 

One of the men baptized in Las Trampas was a patient of Lisa's in Chicua.  She had a consult with him and opened the door....... then Gaspar followed up.  Tomas decided that he wanted to change his life. He  accepted Christ and was baptized.  It is a good reminder for remember the primary purpose that we are in the communities.

Today we had clinic in Lemoa.  As I was seeing patients, Noe was in front talking to the diabetics about exercise and how it can lower blood sugar.

It was finally time for lunch.  The morning sailed by very quickly.  When we had finished eating, we sat around the table and chatted for a few minutes.  Gaspar was telling us about a man that was recently drugged and then had his money stolen.  When he paused for a minute, Maury screams, "Sheri, there is a dead fly on your tortilla!" I ate one of my three tortillas so I hope that it was not toxic for me as well.  :)

Tomorrow, we will head for Paxot II and I hope that we will have several patients.  We shall see...........


Mom said...

Hey Sheri, that dead fly is good protein!!!!!!

Sheri said...

Mom, I was not hungry anymore :)