Friday, April 8, 2016

Clinic in Panajxit......Dental up by One :)

I met Martina in Sepela.   A few mornings ago, I was so excited because we had a little rain.......yes, it was a little rain but it still was RAIN.  But since then, we just have had more dust and smoke.

As I was waiting for Martina, there was almost an accident on this one lane bridge due to the smoke. One of them finally backed down when they saw the other vehicle on the other side.

I had mentioned a few days ago that Aura and I have had a little competition going on with the number of took the lead by ONE patient........I keep telling them that payback is gonna be rough :)

After we finished, we loaded the trucks and drove over to Enrique's house.  We had a wonderful lunch of chicken, rice, tortillas and black berry juice.

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Mom said...

GOOOOOO Martina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL