Wednesday, April 6, 2016

What is the sweetest fragrance????? Rain!!

About 2 am, I heard a faint noise that I had not heard for a long time.....................I just laid in bed and savored the lightly falling RAIN!!!  Wow, I was so excited!  I got up and put my hear out the window to enjoy it.  Then about 0730, it quit but I had hope that the rainy season had begun.

Manuel and I headed out to Xepol for our clinic. We ate a banana as we were traveling.  A young lady returned that we had seen in November with pneumonia.  She never took her medicines and then was hospitalized for pneumonia in January.  Today, was the first time I had seen her since November........and her lungs were BAD!!!

So, I wanted to take her back with us to Quiche to the National Hospital but I know that is far away.  She promised that she would go to the National Hospital in Solola the next day.  She really has me worried.  There was a new brother at clinic today and he helped translate to K'iche for me.  He prayed for her and for safe travels.

Victor came to see us again and he had a sad story.  His mother told me that he had had a 2 hours seizure.  Of course, Victor does not remember anything about it.  He saw Lisa last month and she asked him to increase his medications but he did not :(  When he went to Manuel to get more medicine, Manuel saw that he had about 20 pills in a bottle and asked Victor if he has been taking his medications regularly.  He responded yes but Manuel doubts it because there were to many in the bottle.

The good thing is that Victor has an aura before his attack.  So, it gives him a little time to prepare himself.

This is the building in Xepol.  They have been working on it for several years. It can still be pretty chilly since the wind and rain comes in around the windows.

The lamina roof, also causes challenges when it rains hard or when the sun is really strong.

Yesterday we had clinic in Patzite with Aura and Martina..........we have a little rival going on to see who can have more patients. As of right now, Aura is beating me.  I will play nice for a few days and then, watch out!!!

I hope to hear something soon about the lady with the pneumonia.  Too young to be sooooo sick.

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