Saturday, April 16, 2016

Clinic in Chuchipaca

We had a great clinic today in Chuchipaca.  As we were driving, I asked Manuel if Cecy might be there and he said that he did not know.  He knew that Maricela would be with us.  I was surprised and happy when I saw them both :)

We had 22 patients and some were quite a challenge.  The first two patients waited to come and see me instead of Lisa.  I am having a run of non-compliant diabetics.  The wife had gone 2 years without medicine and the husband 8 months.  We are in this community every Saturday so there is not much more we can do on this side.

A mother came that had delivered her baby 9 days ago.  She had a horrible post-postpartum infection.  I called Sara for some advice and added her thoughts to mine.  I returned to talk with her and her mother over the treatment and what she needed to do.  I wish I could have taken a discreet photo of Manuel teaching her how to express her breast milk.  He is such a good guy and I love working with him.

This is Maricela and Cecy as we were finishing clinic.

Jodi Boyd will arrive later today.  She as been in Montellano at the surgical clinic and now will spend about a week with us.  She will be seeing her ABC child tomorrow and also meeting the ABC child of her friend.  Then on Monday, she will have the opportunity to experience a Guatemalan wedding.  I have told her to put on her running shoes..........we will have a busy week!

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