Saturday, August 1, 2015

Finally off to Montellano!!

It is time for another trip to Montellano!  The babies and families are ready for the afternoon of travel.

This is Jose Saquic and his parents.  He is a patient in the milk program at ASELSI and they provided transportation for two of the families.  This is Carol, the nurse at ASELSI.  She and Juan are having a serious conversation.

This is Manuel and his parents.  He had his lip repaired last year in Guatemala.  This week, we will have his palate repaired.

When we arrived at the coast, we caught up with Lindsey and two more families. These families live near Panajachel and transportation is provided by Solomon's Porch.

This is Brandon and his parents.

This is Estefany with her mom and dad.

This family rode with me to Montellano.  This is Karina with her baby and husband.  She is a patient of Lisa and will have surgery on her hand.  Her husband, Juan Carlos, will watch the little girl when Karina has her surgery. Juan was laughing and joking all of the way to Montellano but for the photo, I got the Guatemalan look :) We stopped for a quick ice cream on the road that everyone enjoyed :)

We will start the consults tonight and see how the surgeries are positioned for the week. Please remember these patients in your thoughts and prayers.

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