Friday, August 7, 2015

Travel to Antigua

We all had safe travels to Antigua.

Many of the group members had been on previous trips so they knew where they wanted to have lunch.  While some of us had already arrived at Sky Cafe, we looked below as Susan, Kathleen Sophie, Lizie and Jason arrived.

As you can tell, pink is this years Health Talent shirt color! Kathleen soon found out how bright the sun was!

Then she decided to be creative and make a hat!

In the afternoon, I picked up my passport and some paperwork for a bank.  Karen and I walked to La Merced and she took photos, since it was her first time there.

As we walked back to the hotel, I found a place that it looking for some help but I decided not to apply :)  I would hate to miss seeing the babies next week.

We enjoyed the buffet dinner at the hotel in the evening.

On the morning, Samantha and I will make our way back to Chichi.

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Karen Sims said...

I got a few good pictures! Hopefully I will soon learn how to share them!