Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Time to Head Back to Chichi

The parents were happy to see Wednesday arrive!  They are ready to return to the much cooler land of Chichicastenango. 

The vans arrived in the early afternoon.  The parents received their discharge instructions, loaded their things in the van, we had one last prayer and they were on their way!

Juan and his parents.  

Estefany and her mom.

Manuel and his parents busting out the door!

Brandon was sleeping and I did not want to wake him.

It was a great week and we are thankful for all of the patients. Everyone did well and there were no problems.  We finished the week with 84 surgeries.

I will see all of the babies and parents on Monday, the 17th.  Lisa will see Katrina on that Thursday.  I will give you an update and new photos at that time.

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Gwen Schnell said...

What a wonderful uplifting thing to be able to see your work unfold! I love it!