Monday, August 3, 2015

Monday.....full day of Surgery

A full day of surgery started early. 

The lights in the patient ward usually comes on about 4am in preparation for the day.  The patients shower, put on a gown, have an IV started and then wait for their turn.  The babies have their IVs placed once they are in the surgical room.

This is Manuel and his mom as they wait their turn.  They were the first cast of the morning so they went in about 8am.

I sat with Manuel's mom while Manuel was in surgery.  I let her know what what happening and what to expect when Manuel's surgery was completed.

As soon as he came out, he was placed in her arms.  He was fussy but she knew to expect that.  After about 2 hours, he returned to his bed.  Thank you, Kory for supporting Manuel's surgery!

Juan was super hungry this morning and his mom fed him later than she should have.  Because of this, they had to skip his scheduled surgery and let another baby go before him.

It was traumatic and Juan cried even harder as the morning progressed.

This is Juan with his parents when his surgery was completed.  Danny, we appreciate you sponsoring Juan's surgery!  Thank you!

This is Brandon before his surgery. He was moved up on the list when Juan was bumped.

Brandon came out of surgery doing well.  He did not cry a lot and then was taken to his bed.  Many thanks to Jeanie for supporting Brandon's surgery!
The last baby of our group was Estefany and Donna supported her surgery.  Thank you, Donna!This was the first time all week that I saw Estefany without a pink outfit on! Her mom always has her dressed cute.

It was a long day but everyone did well.  Katrina will have her hand surgery in the morning.

Now it is time for everyone to try to get a good night's rest.  Tomorrow is another day and a very full schedule!

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