Sunday, August 30, 2015

Religion and Politics

What are two of the most dreaded topics of conversation?  Most people would guess religion and politics.  Subjects very controversial and many times have hidden agendas.

I jumped on a bus and went to Quiche for worship this morning.  The streets were full of people and political activities.  The current president is under a lot of fire and it is not friendly-fire.  The vice-president was bumped out of office in May over a corruption scandal and now the president is facing possible impeachment.

There sermon this morning was very good.  He talked about sin and how it separates us from God.  Many times we do not think of the consequences that sin brings.   We think, "Oh, it is not that bad do or say this from time-to-time."  Yet, we need to remember that Adam and Eve were forced out of the garden the very first time they sinned.  It was something that God did not tolerate.

He talked about Moses and what happened when he struck the rock instead of speaking to it. It seems like such a small issue, yet the consequence was great. With disobedience comes punishment.

We like to think of God as loving, kind and merciful...............and He is!  Yet, there is another side when we willingly disobey.

When I returned back to Chichi, Tomasita and Jaime had a new addition to the house.  They had put up a Guatemalan flag.

I live in a small house behind these two houses.

There are many political problems in Guatemala at this time.  The vice-president has been replaced, the president is facing impeachment and the political campaigns are loud.  People are nervous about their future and their next leader.

The election will be on September 6th and we will see what happens.

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