Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Babies One Week Post-Op

The babies and the parents returned on Monday for their follow-up after one week.  Everyone looked great and no signs of infection.  All are eating well and the parents are so thankful!!

So, here is Manuel after his palate was repaired.  He had so much energy today and even his parents are jumping around!  Thanks again to Kory, for sponsoring this surgery.

This is Estefany and she is doing great!  Her mom had her dressed in pink as usual and she is a doll.  Many thanks to Donna for sponsoring her surgery and we will hopefully be able to do her palate in February of 2016.

This is Juan and he still is not sure if he likes to visit us or not.  Thanks to Danny for sponsoring his surgery.  He will also return in February if he gains enough weight.

With Brandon it is easy.......we know that he does not enjoy visiting us. If he can gain enough weight, we will also take him to Montellano in February but it will remain a secret.  Thanks to Jeanie for sponsoring Brandon's surgery.

Well, that is a wrap on all of the babies. They will return on December 7th to see if they have gained enough weight for surgery in February.  Time will tell.............

Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers during this time.  It was another week of successful surgeries!


Karen Sims said...

Yay! So glad all are healing well. I know prayer is requested and will be given for each of these children...especially for those looking toward surgery in February. Is there anything else we can do for them?

Gwen Schnell said...

Such rewarding work! How neat, how neat, I am glad you are able to use your talents for such great work! We will be praying they gain enough weight.