Sunday, August 2, 2015 was a waiting game!

We started out with morning worship with the Montellano church across the street. I was so happy when all of the babies and families appeared!

I meant to show you this photo last night and forgot.  This is Kenia, who has had two lips surgeries.  for some reason, after each surgery, she developed a severe infection.  We were thankful that in February, her stitches did not come out.  She has healed very well and hope to have her palate repaired in February of 2016.

This is Katrina waiting to hear when her hand surgery is scheduled.  If we can get her done early in the week, she may be able to catch a ride with the babies as they return to Chichi.

No surgeries for lips or palates were scheduled for today.  Everyone did what they could, to pass the time and stay out of the heat.  Manuel and his mom, play games on the floor by his bed.

Juan spent most of his day taking naps.

Brandon played with some toys as he stayed in bed.

Estefany and her mom just wanted to get on with the show!  It is very hot here and there was just a short mist of rain last night.  We are hoping to get some more today.

All of the babies will have surgery tomorrow!

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