Tuesday, July 28, 2015

School Activity in Sepela

We all met at the hotel this morning for a quick breakfast and then headed in different directions.  Lisa and Sara had clinics, Kemmel and a group  delivered water filters to ABC families and some of us are visited the school in Sepela.

When we arrived, the students brought their desks and chairs to a patio in the middle of the school.  The director welcomed everyone..............then, she asked the students to stand to pray.  She would say a few words and all of the students repeated with total respect.  It is just one of those moments that you just think, "Wow!"

Cesar started the day and the children were attentive. Others participated with leading a few songs and preparing for the skits.

The children had a few minutes to color before things got going.  Someone commented on how much time and patience they put into their work. It is true. Even the 6th graders enjoyed the activity.

This was a skit about how words and what we say does affect others.  The boy in the middle wants to quit going to school because the other students tease him.  He can not buy the shoes that the other children wear and he has to work to help buy food for his family. He is not good in sports and is just tired with dealing with it. The teacher talks to the other student about his actions toward this boy.

This skit was about decisions.  Each grade of students were able to make a selection between two bags. One was very pretty and had colored paper around it.  The other was a simple, brown bag with no decoration. Most of the students selected the pretty bag but when it was opened, it only had trash in it.  The simple, brown bag had bags of peanuts for them to eat. We need to be careful about the decisions we make.  Just because the outside of something is pretty, the inside may not be equally as nice.

Then it was time for a break.  People played ball, ate ice cream and different snacks.............

Time for a quick photo. 

Education on dental care.

Time to put stickers on the outside of the bag..........

and more activities in the afternoon.

When we finished withe the school, we drove back to the hotel.  We had a quick lunch of sandwiches and spent the rest of the afternoon just hanging out.

One group went to play soccer and another group walked around Chichi.

We went to the Mayan Ceremonial Area below the cemetery.  These people were burning different things and having a small ceremony.

The Mayan Culture still fascinates me.

We finished with a walk through the cemetery, a quick trip to Sarita's for ice cream, a walk through the Catholic Church, something to drink at Casa San Juan and then finished at the hotel.

It was a great day and I think that everyone enjoyed it.

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