Thursday, July 23, 2015

Clinic and More Fun!

This morning, Lisa picked me up for clinic and we went to Lemoa. We had a good clinic and I learned a lot of new things.

The young girl from Chicua I, Susi came to see us in the afternoon.  All of her lab work was fine and that is a blessing but we still need to know why she has developed these spots on her body.  Lisa gave her some paperwork to take the the National Hospital in Solola. This way, the exams and work-up will cost little, if anything.

We finished with lab a little early to I had time to run to town. I bought my niece, MacKenzie some slippers and a ball to play with.  As you can see, they are very colorful and I hope that she likes them.

It looked like it was going to rain so I took a tuk-tuk back to my house.  For the FIRST time in 8 years, I had a FEMALE  tuk-tuk driver!  I was shocked.  She told me that she only drives on market days and that she has been doing it a year.  There goes my dream of being the first female tuk-tuk driver :(  But, I can still be the first female tuk-tuk driver that decorates the tuk-tuk!  Music and lights, here I come!! 

When I got close to my house, I heard a crash!  I turned around and a motorcycle had flipped as it went over a speed-bump.  He was lucky that he was not scraped up more. I asked him to please start wearing a helmet..........he thanked me! Please don't thank me, just get a helmet!

Within an hour, the rain started and it was hard.  There was unusual thunder and lightning. I heard a loud, "Pop!!" and the power went off.  Hail started pouring down and bouncing off the grass. I went outside because with the tin roof, it was deafening. Poor Mike was stuck on my porch and he was shaking bad!!  He wanted to go to his house but was afraid.  He finally got up enough courage but I know the hail was painful!

When Jaime came home, he flipped the circuit breaker and then I found out that my TV was fried. I will try to find someone in Chichi and see if there is anything they can do for it.  If not, I will just play, "Taps" and honor it with a few seconds of silence.

Just another day of adventure!


Gwen Schnell said...

Ah yes, all the adventures of living! Glad you are keeping your chin up! We do get used to our TV's. The slippers and ball look wonderful! How cool. I bet you have really enjoyed having a supportive congregation visit. Nothing like having a spiritual boost! The puppets looked like they would have been something new for the peeple there. It's not everyday one sees such grand puppets. Glad you are safe from the storm.
I remember this song with Christ in the Boat.

With Christ in the boat we are safe from the storm,
safe from the storm, safe from the storm!
wtih Christ in the boat we are safe from the storm,
while we're sailing home.
Sailing, sailing home.
Sailing, sailing home.
With Christ in the boat we are safe from the storm, while we're sailing home. :)

Mom said...

Too funny, Sheri!!!! LOL