Wednesday, July 22, 2015

New Clinic in Chicua I

This morning we started a new clinic in Chicua I and we had a good day!

Kemmel, Manuel, Cecy and I headed out to Chicua this morning quickly set up clinic.  We had a few patients waiting for us and then that number grew!

This is the building that we are using.  There are two rooms and it seems to be a great location.

Before we started this morning, Kemmel and I were talking about the difference between Chap Stick and Car Max.  Kemmel, likes Car Max and it has a medicated scent to it.  He said, "And if you have to use a bad smelling latrine, you can just put some under your nose and your are READY TO GO!"  Well, I chuckled and warned him that I was going to blog it :) I am glad that he and Lisa have a good sense of humor!  I hate to chuckle alone.............

This is the view we had from the clinic. I think it is a good area and that the clinic will grow.

We had some interesting patients.  Most patients presented with problems that we expect at the first clinic.  A lot of  stomach issues and head aches. 

One lady did not know that she has diabetes.  We checked her urine for an infection and instead found sugar.  Her glucose was 325 so we talked about diet, medicine and exercise. 

One young girl has some unusual bruising that concerned me.  Her mom will take her for some labs and follow up with Lisa tomorrow in Lemoa.

We finished up with 17 patients and it was an encouraging day.  A good portion of the patients are not affiliated with a church so that gives us spiritual opportunities.  We will see what happens!

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