Sunday, July 26, 2015

Eastside Church of Christ Visits!

The Eastside Church of Christ, from Colorado Springs is here again for another full week.  They are the sponsoring congregation for Lisa and Kemmel.  How exciting it is for them to visit and be part of the work. They are a great encouragement to us and we are looking forward to having them with us.

I met the group and we enjoyed a quick lunch together.  Then we headed up to the meeting room to prepare for the week.  As you can see, it was a beautiful day!

The group will be visiting schools and doing skits.  They will also be delivering water filters to different communities.

Here, the group gets a quick briefing from Lisa and Donna.  Several young people, who use to be part of the ABC and scholarship programs are helping this week.

Deciding on how things will be can be quite a challenge.

This first skit is about hygiene.  This young boy is called to lunch by his mother.  Before he eats, he uses the bathroom and does not wash his hands.  There is a huge fly that travels around the house, spreading the germs from the bathroom to food in the kitchen.

Three days later, the boy does not feel well and dies.......right there.....he dies.  Dramatic, but maybe it will make a strong impression.

This is the second skit.

This one is about the boy who called wolf too many times.

This is another one about the affect that sun and heavy rain have on flowers.  It makes the point of, we need to think of how we treat people.  It teaches the children to be careful of things that they say.  A lesson for not only for those in the classes, but also adults.

It will be a great week and I will keep you posted on the events.

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