Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wife Needed!

How cold can Guatemala get????   WAY too COLD!!  We all had on 3 layers and the heater blasting on the highway.  We knew that clinic would be even colder but we pressed on!

Enrique, Manuel and I headed out to Chuguxa for our monthly visit. We had a great clinic of 23 patients.  Nine of those patients were new patients and thirteen of them were diabetics. 

I was disappointed with our diabetics today.  Most everyone was just way to high!  I heard a variety of different reasons/ excuses.........ran out of medicine, have been stressed, ate too many tamales over the holdidays, have a backache, the sky is blue (just kiddin' on that one!)

This was the prize patient of the day. His name is Diego and he is 82 years young.  His wife died about 6 years ago and told me today that he is is looking for a new wife. For the last year he had not been feeling very good but now is is feeling great and is in the market for a lady!  I told him that I would ask around and he asked that I bring him a photo of someone next month :)

As we were loading the truck, I told Manuel and Enrique about Diego.  Enrique blurts out, "Now, he is a man that wants full-service from our clinic!"  Manuel and I started laughing so hard that we had a difficult time tieing down the truck!

So, for all my Guatemalan friends, please keep your ears and eyes wide open over the next month for a fine woman for Diego :) 

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Mom said...

Sheri, I really hope that you find someone for Diego!!!!!