Monday, January 19, 2015

Clinic and Dedication in Mactzul I

This morning, we had clinic in Lemoa with 22 patients.  I saw one lady that had hernia surgery last week in Montellano and she is doing great.  She is from the area of Solola and she brought some of her neighbors with her.  How exciting it is when people refer family members and friends to us.

We finished a little early today to head out to Mactzul I for a dedication of a new building. We will be having clinic here on a regular basis and it has been very exciting to watch different communities work together to accomplish this.

This is the building and people who gathered from several communities in support of the clinic.

Kemmel thanked everyone for their work and explained how the clinic will function.

Sebastion and Manuel are on the HTI Board and had certificates to present.  Sebastion lives in Mactzul V and Manuel lives in Paxot II.

This is Pedro from Mactzul VI.  Pedro talked about how Health Talents helps people in the community on a physical and also a spiritual basis.  He talked about different services that we provide and he is a great advocate for Health Talents.

There is a great opportunity to serve is this area, as it is central to many communities.  We are thankful for this and for those who made it possible.

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Mom said...

So happy to see HTI expanding!!!