Friday, January 30, 2015

Clinic in Mactzul I

Today was the second clinic in Mactzul I.  Those of us there were Lisa, Sandra, Maria, Cecy, Manuel, Mitch and I.  We had a few patients waiting for us and that is always nice.

I must tell you that again it was a very cold morning.  When I opened my fridge, the inside felt warmer than my apartment. The sun peaked out a few minutes during the day but not very much.

The is Cecy checking in a patient.

When there were a few down minutes, Manuel and Cecy were counting pills in the truck for a little warmth.

 Yesterday was Cecy's birthday.  When Manuel, Mitch and I went to get the generator, we stopped at a little store and bought some cake and a Mood Ring for Cecy.  Just a little something for her day.  The Mood Ring stayed black all day and did not change color at all........

Just a little trivia on the Mood was created in 1975.  It is usually made with glass or quartz but filled with thermotropic liquid crystals that change color with temperature. Cecy's ring stayed solid black all day.  It was just too cold to have an emotion!!

We had 16 medical patients today, 8 dental patients and did one house call.

The building that we are using for clinic, has one section that will continue to have classes in the afternoon.  I did not understand what Lisa meant when she said, "Over here is the junior high parking lot."  When I looked, I understood!

Pedro, from Mactzul VI came by to check on us.  He was kind to pose as Lisa and Mitch took photos of him and his machete.  When asked why he carries it.......well, it just come in handy if a dog or other animal bothers you.  Manuel told us that he uses his to cut down trails as he walks through the woods.  They even shared the story that people believe there is someone out there that cuts of heads of people if they are out late at wonder that I like to be in early at night!!

We will have this clinic on every Friday.  My role will be to focus on education after patients had their consult and received their medicines.

I thought about going to Pana for the weekend.........but the more I thought about it, the electric blanket was calling my name louder than Pana did.  Guess I will spend the weekend here and be more adventurous another weekend.


Mom said...

Sheri, please continue to stay in at night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mom said...

I use to have a mood ring, did you know that?

Sheri said...

Yes, I remember we had them. I saw them in this store last month and then bought one yesterday :)

Dad said...

Sheri is the truck in the picture the new one? It is good looking
truck. Be careful and stay safe.

Sheri said...

No, Dad. It is not a new one. It could tell you many stories! I am trying to be safe :)