Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Clinic in Xepol

Manuel and I headed out to Xepol this morning.  The fog was real heavy, as we approached Las Trampas.  I could tell that Manuel was seriously concentrating on the road, hoping that we would not come into contact with another vehicle.

When we arrived, there were no patients waiting.  It was very, very cold and NO sun at all.  I had on three layers but it was not enough.

Finally, we had a few patients arrive. 

We had one patient in her mid 30's and her husband died three months ago.  She told me that he drank a lot and he was only 40 years old when he died.  She has eight children and the youngest one is only one month old........what a rough road she will have.  Her parents do not help her but she is living with her husband's family.

This is Tomas.  He helped us in the clinic since our "regular" Tomas could not be there today.  This is his wife and little girl, Sarah.  Sarah has been sick since yesterday so his wife brought her to the clinic.  She is a "Daddy's Girl" for sure!

Maybe tomorrow we will have some sunshine :)

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Mom said...

Sarah, is a doll !!!!!!