Monday, January 5, 2015

Babies ready for Surgery

Well, I made it back to Guatemala after our Christmas vacation.  Now, it is back to work and to see exciting things happen!!

It is close to surgery time for the babies again.  I will be taking five babies in February to Montellano for surgery.  Please pray for the team, as they will arrive on the 7th.  Please remember the babies and their parents as this is a scary time for them.

This is Eleazor and he is 7 months old.  Danny from Morganton will be sponsoring his surgery.

This is Jose and he was with us last year when he had his lip repaired.  Don and Jessie from Morganton will be sponsoring his palate surgery.

This Randy and his mom.  He is 11 months old and will have his lip surgery, sponsored by Terry.

This is Kenia and she will have her lip surgery redone.  Kory will be sponsoring her surgery this time.

This is Eber and he was with us last February when he had his lip surgery.  His surgery will be sponsored by Nancy, who should arrive with the team!

It will be a busy week but a good one! I will keep you posted on the surgeries.  Many thanks for those who are helping sponsor the surgeries.  It is a wonderful blessing for these parents and children!


Mom said...

So excited for these babies and their parents!!!!

Sheri said...

Yes,Mom. It is an exciting time and a week that the parents will never forget!

terry5 said...

Can't wait to see you and the babies at Clinic Ezell on the 7th.
Linda Osborne

Sheri said...

Linda, it will not be long!!