Friday, January 16, 2015

IVAA/ Pap in Mactzul I

Today, Lisa, Cecy. Maria and I went to Mactzul I to do a IVAA/ Pap clinic.

Cecy and I did a class in the church here a few months ago and today we had the clinic. We had 15 ladies come for their exam and it was a great day.

When I worked in The States, I never did Paps so this was something new to me.  Lisa was very patient and taught me how to do them.  Now, we are doing the IVAA (Visual Inspection with Acetic Acid) in pre-menopausal ladies.  It has been something new to learn and I enjoy that.

So, when I have a patient that needs an IVAA, I have Lisa check behind me to make sure I am not missing something.  Today when I needed her, I played some bagpipe music and then she made her way over to my area.

We did not see anything today that was suspicious and we are thankful for that.

After we loaded the truck, we took some photos. 

We did a quick house call after clinic.  Lisa has a patient that is having some heart-related issues.

When I returned to Chichi, Kemmel helped me print a form that I need to renew my passport.  This 10 years has flown by.  So much has happened and I feel that the changes have been good.

When I returned to the house, I took Tomasita some flowers and checked on her.  She has not been feeling well.  She introduced me to their new dog and two baby turtles they now have.

Time to relax and prepare for clinic tomorrow.  Lisa and Kemmel will be traveling to Antigua to get an intern that will be spending some time with us.  I will do the clinic in Chuchipaca tomorrow.  Last week, Lisa had 32 patients there!  I told Cecy that she needed to round up 40 for tomorrow.  I will let you know how we do :)

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